Why Is My ATV Backfiring?

Why Is My ATV Backfiring?

Why Is My ATV Backfiring?

Why Is My ATV Backfiring?

You’re geared up to ride, ready to sling dirt and mud, and take things off-road, but you hear a loud pop come from your quad when you start it up. In addition to these common reasons your ATV is not getting enough fuel, backfiring is another problem that plagues riders when they’re out for a session. ATV Trader is giving you some insight on why your ATV is backfiring, and the solutions so that you can take care of this problem and get back to riding.

Why Is My ATV Backfiring?

The short answer is that backfiring comes down to an imbalance of fuel and air with the ignition of your powersports vehicle. You’ll also hear that this happens when an engine is running too lean, or it’s getting more or not enough fuel for the amount of air intake. Fuel and air go into the combustion chamber so your machine can run, but when this mixture is imbalanced, it’s not going to set off a reaction in the combustion chamber as you would like it to.

As a result, a pop or explosive reaction happens within the intake or exhaust of the engine, which can cause a sudden pause or lag from the engine, sometimes so severely it can cut off your four-wheeler. When you’re riding, you may notice this happens when changing speeds, slowing down, or giving your vehicle some throttle. Backfiring can be more of just a nuisance and a sign that your four-wheeler needs maintenance, however, if the backfiring happens frequently over time your vehicle could incur damage to parts like the muffler and exhaust system.

How to Prevent Your ATV from Backfiring

So how do you stop your four-wheeler from backfiring? There are several possible causes to the problem, and we’ve got some solutions.

Muffler or Exhaust Issue

One of the most common causes for backfiring happens when you replace a muffler or exhaust on your ATV with a mismatched part that isn’t the right fit for your vehicle based on size or dimensions, which can cause the imbalance of airflow with fuel. Even a small hole in the exhaust can cause this problem. Find the right replacement part, check the OEM’s website, give them a call, or talk with a mechanic.

Dirty Air Filter

Your quad is going to take on dirt, mud, and debris when you go off-road, so you need to replace your air filter regularly. If it’s been some time, chances are the filter is dirty and will disrupt the clean and even flow of air within your vehicle, causing it to backfire.

Carburetor Issues

If you haven’t stored your ATV correctly in the off-season, fuel can sit in the tank and will degrade, thicken, and clog things up, which will cause a backfire. Keep your vehicle in a garage or storage unit away from the elements in a temperature-controlled environment.

Fuel Pump Problem

When not enough fuel is reaching the combustion chamber, it’s likely because the pump isn’t strong enough. You may need to make a replacement.

Bad Spark Plug

A spark plug can build-up dirt and debris that will eventually prevent proper ignition after regular riding, causing a backfire. Change out the spark plug if you think this may be the cause.

Vehicle Settings

Look at your throttle settings, make sure it’s not a user-error causing the imbalance of fuel or air going to the combustion chamber, like adjusting a dial for sufficient flow of fuel.

Quad Maintenance for Backfiring

There are more ways you can resolve backfiring as a part of responsible vehicle ownership, like regular maintenance and care. Between your sessions, add a fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank to cleanse it of unwanted debris. If you’re not going out again for some time, add a fuel stabilizer so the fuel doesn’t go bad within the vehicle and doesn’t cause corrosion. When you’re ready to roll, use a high quality fuel for your vehicle. If the problem persists, hire a trustworthy ATV/UTV mechanic that’s familiar with your specific model.

Backfiring shouldn’t be a problem that prevents you from enjoying the thrills of riding. Look into these solutions to see if you can fix the issue yourself or hire an expert, whether it’s a matter of making a replacement to a part, or following the best maintenance practices as an owner. When you’re ready to ride, see all the new and used listings on the nation’s leading marketplace at expreswheels.com

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