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What Are the Best Street Legal Scooters? 50 CC or 150 CC?

Gas prices can go up and down, making it hard to budget for this expense. Many people are looking for alternatives to their gas-guzzling vehicles. While you might need a standard vehicle when traveling longer distances, you may want to consider a scooter for shorter trips around town. Here’s what to know about street legal scooters, their benefits, and whether you should get a 50cc or 150cc model.

Benefits of Street Legal Scooters

If you’ve never owned a scooter before, you may be wary about making that leap. But driving a scooter is easier than you may think. Plus, scooter ownership comes with a lot of great benefits. Here are a few:

  • Easier to park a scooter
  • More affordable than buying and maintaining a car
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Easy to load into the back of a truck
  • Notoriously fun to drive

Plus, scooters are more eco-friendly than traditional vehicles. So if you care about the environment and want to make your carbon footprint smaller, consider shopping for street legal scooters.

Choosing Between 50cc and 150cc Scooters

Once you begin shopping for a scooter, you’ll soon see that there are a wide variety of types out there. You’ll need to carefully consider what style, color and brand of scooter you want. Plus, you’ll need to choose between a 50cc and a 150cc scooter. While they’re both similar in a lot of ways, there are a few major differences you should know about before you buy.

50cc Scooters

A 50cc scooter is great for a lot of purposes, but it’s not as powerful as the 150cc version. You may want to shop for 50cc street legal scooters if you’re planning to ride primarily on roads that don’t exceed 30mph. Generally, a 50cc scooter is going to be more affordable, lighter and shorter than its 150cc counterpart. If you’re looking for maximum fuel efficiency, this is the way to go.

150cc Scooters

A 150cc scooter looks a lot like a 50cc scooter at first glance, but if you look closer, you’ll notice the 150cc has a taller and heavier body. While it’s not quite as fuel-efficient as its 50cc counterpart, it’s still much more fuel-efficient than a traditional vehicle. The nice thing about 150cc street legal scooters is that they are capable of going a bit faster. For this reason, they’re ideal for people who like to ride on 30-50 mph roads. If speed is more important to you than maximum fuel efficiency, look for 150cc scooters.

Not all scooters are street-legal in all states. To make sure the scooter you drive can get you where you need to go, carefully check the laws in your state to ensure you get a scooter that’s compliant. You should also review your local laws to make sure you have the proper license and training to operate a scooter.

Shop for Street Legal Scooters

Ready to get the perfect scooter for your needs? Whether you prefer 50cc or 150cc, you’ll find a wide selection of street legal scooters at Motobuys. Start shopping today!

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