5 Tips for Buying Your First ATV/UTV

5 Tips for Buying Your First ATV/UTV

5 Tips for Buying Your First ATV/UTV

5 Tips for Buying Your First ATV/UTV

Ready to ride? Four-wheelers can take you off-road for play or work, giving you thrills and power to go places off the beaten path. Before you buy, look out for these common mistakes to avoid when buying an off-roader online, set a budget, do your research on the market, and stay organized when comparing listings and sellers on your journey to find the perfect quad or side-by-side.

Of course, that’s all easier said than done, especially if you’ve never purchased an off-road vehicle before. To jumpstart your shopping on the marketplace, ATV Trader is providing five tips for buying your very first ATV or UTV.


1. Find a Powersports Vehicle That Fits You

While we’ve broken down how to find the exact ATV/UTV you want on expreswheels.com, there are some basics you should consider when you start your shopping and research. Age and experience riding are two key factors to keep in mind, especially if you’re a new rider, and if you’re looking for either adult or youth ATVs. If you have less experience, you’ll want an ATV or UTV that’s smaller and easier to control. This is when you should shop for vehicles based on how much it weighs, how powerful the engine is, how comfortable you are while riding, the distance to the handlebars and ground, and how many passengers you plan on carrying. While there are more specific types of off-roaders on the marketplace, the basic breakdown of ATVs looks like this:

  • ATVs for Sports: Sport ATVs are designed for high speeds, with more horsepower and responsive handling and suspension. These are great for the racetrack or on closed-course trails.

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  • ATVs and UTVs for Recreation: These powersport vehicles are made to handle off-road terrain with intuitive handling and suspension, whether you’re hunting, camping, mudding, or off-road exploring.

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  • ATVs or UTVs for Utility or Work:Utility task vehicles (UTVs) with side-by-side seating, as well as utility four wheelers,are designed to handle off-road terrain while helping you get tasks done, like hauling heavy loads, herding livestock, or transporting passengers and supplies.

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Extra Point: Find a popular make or model like a Solaris side-by-side and many more outstanding ATVs and UTVs on the marketplace through our keyword search.


2. Take a Look at the Terrain

Do you know where you’ll be riding your quad or side-by-side? If you’re going off road, start shopping for models that can take on the landscape you plan to ride through. Look at models that are built to power through dirt and mud, over rocks and on the trails, on flat fields or deserts, designed with traction to roll over sand dunes, or with enough power to take on steep hills or mountains. Consider a quad with four-wheel drive, with ground clearance, and well-adjusted suspension. Or if you’re going out for a casual ride with slower riding on a flat field, or on clean trails, you might be fine with a two-wheel drive vehicle. You can also see if your vehicle comes with features like power steering, and know what you should look out for with these tips for planning your first off-road ride.


3. Shop by Your Budget

The great thing about shopping online is that all of your choices are available right in front of you, and while it may seem like a lot to narrow down, you can search for four-wheelers by your price. This is also when you should consider whether you want a new or pre-owned vehicle, which might give you better value for the price. If this is the route you choose to go, make sure you shop from reputable dealers or private sellers with plenty of info on the listing, like the vehicle’s condition and any flaws, the mileage or hours put on the quad, if comes with any add-ons or upgrades, and what it was used for (i.e. heavy duty off-roading, or towing on a farm).

Not only will this give you a better idea of the amount of work that has been put on the vehicle, you can also talk to the seller on how well it’s performed for these recreational or utility tasks. You can also search for off-roaders based on a location that’s convenient to you, such as keyword search for a “Maverick near me,” or outside your area and from a nationwide selection.


4. Safety Always Comes First

Follow up on these safety tips for recreational ATV riders so you’re well-informed when you decide to buy, and you take precautions before you set out. Safety features will also help you determine a set budget for your purchase, along with the price of gear. This includes a proper riding helmet, goggles, jacket and pants, gloves, and boots. Look for gear that will give you an extra layer against the elements, a cushion when you ride, and with breathable material that’s water-resistant. If you’re doing some heavy-duty off-roading consider purchasing insurance to protect your vehicle against damage, and what policies may cover any riding-related injuries.


5. Take a Test Ride

You’ve read up on the listing, like what you see in the photos and videos with the vehicle in action, the price is right, and the dealer is reputable. The next thing to do is inspect the four-wheeler in person and take it for a test ride. Look for any obvious flaws, like dents or dings, chipped or faded paint, and whether there are any irregular noises coming from the engine when you start it up, like rattling. Get a feel for the ride, and how comfortable your riding posture is on the saddle and the distance to the controls. See how the vehicle responds when you give it some throttle. Keep in mind how the suspension feels when you take it off-road, and how responsive the brakes are when you come to a sudden stop.

These five tips will help get you rolling when you shop for your next ATV or UTV. When you’ve slimmed down the selection to your favorite vehicles you’re considering to buy, see if you can take them out for a ride and see how well they fit you. When you’re ready, shop from all the new and used listings on the nation’s leading marketplace at expreswheels.com

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