5 Tips for Preventing ATV Theft

5 Tips for Preventing ATV Theft

5 Tips for Preventing ATV Theft

5 Tips for Preventing ATV Theft

Your new or used ATV or UTV lets you race on the tracks, roll over the dunes, tow heavy loads, and perform a number of jobs at work. As a proud owner, the last thing you want to worry about is the threat of off-road vehicle theft. To help keep your quad or side-by-side secure, expres wheels is sharing five tips for preventing ATV theft.


1. Use ATV Locks to Prevent Theft

After you’ve finished a day rolling through the dirt, climbing hills, or rolling over rocks, remove the keys to your quad, and securely stow them away to prevent an easy opportunity for theft. If you’re riding with tool boxes and storage bags, take them off your off-roader and lock them up. Some ATVs have a steering lock feature you can activate, which will lock your wheels by turning them to the opposite direction. For further protection, you can install a number of anti-theft devices if they’re compatible with your type of vehicle, including:

  • Chain and Lock – a simple method of locking up your vehicle anywhere; just make sure you secure your off-roader to a grounded object.
  • Ground Anchors – Anchors that are bolted to the ground that allow you to use a chain and lock to secure your vehicle.
  • Disc Locks – A lock that bolts the holes of your vehicle’s disc brakes.
  • Handlebar Brake Locks  Locks that prevent the throttle from being used.
  • Wheel Locks  A lock on your wheels that prevents rolling.

2. Keep Your ATV in Storage to Deter Theft

Whether it’s a quad you’re using for recreation or one of the most popular types of work ATVs you utilize at a job site, keep your vehicle stored away and out of plain sight. This will help deter theft, plus it will prevent damage to your off-roader or side-by-side by keeping it out of harsh weather conditions that cause rust and corrosion over time. Store your vehicle behind locked doors in a garage, shed, storage unit, or covered up behind tall and/or wired fencing. If you can, leave a light on, and cover up any windows that may otherwise expose your vehicle to the opportunity of theft.

3. Install a Security System to Stop ATV Theft

While this may seem excessive and will cost extra money, installing a security system to prevent your off-roader from being stolen is one more layer of protection that can help put your mind at ease, while also protecting all of your other property. Business owners and managers may want to consider having a security system in place as a necessary precaution when leaving their ATV or UTV at a job site when no one else is around. Consider installing a vehicle alarm that will sound off if there’s someone trying to steal your off-roader. Or, put in cameras on your property that will give you live footage of your vehicle, and possibly mobile phone alerts. And lastly, you could add more security and protect your quad by simply having a guard dog nearby, and putting up a “Beware of Dog” sign on your property to deter a thief.

4. Secure Your ATV Trailer Against Theft

Lock up your ATV trailer and prevent a thief from easily stealing your off-roader by driving off with it hooked up to their getaway vehicle. Just as you would store away your quad or side-by-side, keep your trailer off the street and locked up in a garage, shed, storage, or covered in a fenced yard. You can also position your ATV or UTV behind the trailer, behind another vehicle, or create obstacles with objects to make it more difficult to steal. Finally, take one more extra step to keep your vehicle and trailer secure by locking the ball and hitch.

5. Make It Easier to Track Down Your Stolen ATV

In the event that your off-roader is stolen, always report the theft to the police. While you may believe your vehicle may never be recovered, it may turn up later, especially if you keep track of records to help with theft investigations. Keep copies of your VIN number and serial number in case your ATV or UTV is recovered after some time, and so it can be identified and matched by the authorities after you’ve reported the theft. Go with the latest technology and install a tracking device on your vehicle in case it goes missing. Keep an eye online for any listings or private sellers that may be trying to sell a stolen vehicle, and follow these tips for avoiding scams when buying an ATV online. Make sure your insurance protection covers theft, so that you can be reimbursed or protected from a serious financial loss if it’s stolen and not recovered.

Riding your off-road vehicle through the dirt, mud, and sand is a rush, so don’t let vehicle theft be a buzzkill. Follow these tips to keep your quad or side-by-side secure against the threat of a thief.

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