4 Ways ATVs and UTVs are Used for Work in Winter scaled e1676558717980

4 Ways ATVs and UTVs are Used for Work in Winter

4 Ways ATVs and UTVs are Used for Work in Winter

4 Ways ATVs and UTVs are Used for Work in Winter

Frozen tundra, falling snow, and temperatures dropping to extreme lows—wintertime can test the toughness of any rider getting around on their recreation/utility four wheeler. When it comes to getting work done, the most powerful quads and side-by-sides on the market can provide a number of advantages over larger, less maneuverable vehicles that aren’t built to handle the snow, ice, and cold temperatures.express wheels is sharing four ways ATVs and UTVs are used for work in winter.


1. ATVs and UTVs for Plowing Snow

Your ATV or UTV doesn’t have to sit in storage as you wait out the winter months for the riding season to start again with warmer weather. Put your four-wheeler to use by plowing snow, whether that’s clearing snow on a local road or path (where it’s permitted), or off-road on the tracks. Check your owner’s manual to see what snow blade attachments may fit with your vehicle, and how much you may be able to push so you don’t cause any damage to your quad. Get on the right gear, and take safety precautions when you set out with your vehicle.


2. ATVs and UTVs for Forestry and Logging

This winter, you may need some firewood to help you stay warm. Get more out of your recreational or utility vehicle by putting it to use for your forestry and logging jobs during these cold months. Check out the market for new and used trailers for sale, hook it up to your off-roader, and haul heavy logs or equipment to split wood. You can also use the cargo space in your recreational or utility vehicle to store equipment. Remember to put safety first, and ride with several members of your logging crew, and stay alert of any work hazards when you’re performing heavy duty jobs. Take a look at these ways to use ATVs and UTVs in forestry and logging and see what you can accomplish with your ATV or UTV during these jobs.


3. ATVs and UTVs for Emergency Response Services

Low temperatures and harsh weather conditions present danger during the winter months. Off-roading vehicles, along with snowmobiles, can be game-changers for emergency response services, including search and rescue missions, storm response recovery operations, and medical response services. Your vehicle can pound through piles of snow, get around rocks and trees, climb hills, and squeeze through tight spaces. Plus, there’s space on larger side-by-sides for tools and emergency equipment like first-aid kits and stretchers.


4. ATVs and UTVs for Farm and Ranch Work

As a farmer or ranch hand, you know there’s always a long list of tasks to take care of every day. You can depend on your quad to help you out during the frigid winter months and make life easier even when the weather conditions are at their worst. Your off-roader allows you to cover vast acres of land, transport equipment or supplies to care for winter crops, herd livestock, or perform maintenance jobs around the farm. Whatever you need done at the ag site in the wintertime, you can depend on your vehicle to cover the terrain.

When it comes to getting tasks done outside during the coldest months of the year, put your off-road vehicle to work. You’ll discover even more reasons to ride ATVs and UTVs in the winter as you extend the riding season. If you’re looking for your next new or used recreational vehicle, be sure to see all the listings on the nation’s leading marketplace at expreswheels.com

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