10 ATV Attachments to Make Farming and Ranching Easier

10 ATV Attachments to Make Farming and Ranching Easier

10 ATV Attachments to Make Farming and Ranching Easier

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A hard day’s work for farmers and ranchers can consist of cultivating fields, tending to crops, and herding and feeding livestock. With a long list of duties, you often rely on powerful ATVs and UTVs to complete your daily tasks. Improve the functionality of your quad by equipping your off-road vehicle with attachments to tackle any type of workload. expreswheels.com is breaking down 10 ATV attachments and accessories to make farming and ranching easier.


1. Bale Trailer

Moving large bales of hay by hand can tire you out quickly and put unnecessary strain on your body. Instead, let your utility vehicle work for you by attaching a bale trailer. A bale trailer can make easy work of picking up and moving large bales of hay. These trailers extend from the back of your off-road vehicle, allowing you to back the trailer onto the hay bale. These also include one or two spikes to grab and hold the hay.


2. Cultivator

A cultivator attachment is incredibly helpful to prepare and aerate shallow soil before planting. Instead of pushing a cultivator by hand, you can use a tow-behind attachment to create evenly spaced rows.


3. Lighting

Farmers and ranchers know that a hard day’s work can often begin before the sunrises and end after sunset. Improve your visibility after dark by adding a light attachment to your off-roader. Find LED lights in different sizes and styles that provide the brightness you need to enhance your visibility and extend your work days.


4. Plow

Turn your quad into a smaller, more maneuverable tractor by using a plow attachment. Plow attachments make quick work of preparing a field for crops by breaking up weed roots. There are even different size plow attachments to accommodate the soil depth. If you use a plow attachment, make sure your ATV or UTV has the horsepower to get the job done.


5. Rake

A rake attachment can be one of the most versatile tools on a farm or ranch. When hitched to an ATV or UTV, a rake attachment can be used to finish grading, level loose soil, and remove debris from food plots.


6. Sprayer

When you have to spray miles of crops, you’re going to want a more efficient tool than a backpack sprayer. Tackle your biggest spraying jobs with a utility sprayer attachment. These can be mounted in the back of your quad, providing gallons of liquid to spray all of your crops.


7. Spreader

Gone are the days of spreading seed by hand or using a push spreader to disperse fertilizer. A spreader attached to your four-wheeler or side-by-side can help you tend to your fields faster. Just fill the hopper, attach the spreader to the back of your vehicle, and get to work. Spreader hoppers can range in size to accommodate even the largest jobs, which may even require a 600-pound hopper.


8. Storage

Maximize your quad’s storage capacity with storage boxes, racks, extenders, and other accessories. For example, a storage rack behind or on the front of your off-roader gives you extra room for tools, feed, and even fencing materials. You could also attach a tool rack to the back of your utility vehicle to transport rakes, shovels, and more around your farm or ranch.


9. Tiller

Similar to a cultivator, a tiller attachment can help prepare soil. A tiller is useful for breaking up hard soil. When anchored to your UTV, a pull-behind tiller can be a more powerful tool to dig farm plots.


10. Winch

A winch attachment can be used to pull or lift heavy loads on your property. Remove tree stumps and fence posts with the pulling power of a winch attached to your side-by-side, letting your machine and attachment do the rest of the work. You can even use a winch attachment and a harness to safely recover livestock from thick mud when they get stuck.

Winch attachments come in different types of ropes, such as synthetic or steel cable, and can haul between 2,500 and 6,000 pounds. Before you purchase a winch, make sure its hauling capacity is compatible with the type of ATV or UTV you have.

When you want to work faster, with less effort, utilize these ATV attachments to save time and get more done on your farm or ranch. Before you start shopping for attachments and accessories for your quad, make sure your vehicle is up for the job. Read our previous article to know what to look for when buying an ATV or UTV for farm work.

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